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Motivation and development of employees

We see potential in each of the five thousand of the Group’s employees. We want to motivate them and invest into their personal development.

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We invest into development of our employees. Development process is based on the 70-20-10 rule

  • 70 – development through experience (tasks, involvement in projects)
  • 20 – development through relations with others (knowledge sharing, feedback, coaching, mentoring)
  • 10 – development through participation in trainings

Training needs of all employees are adjusted to the nature of the position held and scope of duties. We offer external and internal training courses which allow for gaining or improving employee qualifications. Many trainings at Polkomtel and Cyfrowy Polsat are related to specific subject-matter or tools, which helps to develop special competences and improve effectiveness of work. A rich offer of internal trainings in the area of customer service, products and services, prepares our employees to professional contact with customers, provision of high quality services, consistent with the customer needs. In Polsat TV we focus on specialist trainings related to television technologies and language trainings.

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Average number of training hours per employee

Polkomtel and Cyfrowy Polsat TV Polsat CP Group
Women Men Total Women Men Total Women Men Total
Total number of training hours by gender 40 838 43 265 84 103 1 160 2 293 3 453 41 998 45 558 87 556
Average number of training hours by gender 30,6 22,1 25,6 5,7 4,6 4,9 27,3 18,6 21,9
Polkomtel and Cyfrowy Polsat TV Polsat CP Group
Women Men Total Women Men Total Women Men Total
Total number of training hours by gender 55 863 61 681 117 544 1 547 2 041 3 588 57 410 63 722 121 132
Average number of training hours by gender 42,4 31,0 35,6 7,3 4,1 5,1 37,5 25,6 30,2

Employees who work for us at least one year may apply for subsidizing their studies – both on Polish as well as foreign universities. There is one condition, the field of study must be related to the work performed for the Group. In 2017 42 employees took advantage of this possibility(12).

English learning

If the knowledge of English is required on a given position, we invite employees to individual or group language lessons which take place in the offices of our companies.

[GRI 404-2] We have prepared a unique offer of Manager Academy for people employed on managerial positions in Cyfrowy Polsat Group. Its goal is to promote the standard of managerial work and provide support in dealing with professional challenges. In the two years since the launch of the Manager Academy, 112 managers learnt the best practices of managerial work and gained knowledge necessary for efficient performance of tasks, through a series of e-learning trainings and direct meetings with experienced business trainers. Examples of topics of these trainings: Managerial Role, Managerial Process, Delegation of Tasks, Feedback or Authority Building.

We review the performance of managers

The work of managers in Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel is based on the 360®Feedback culture. Through the online Feedback Forum, evaluation is performed by subordinates, superiors and co-employees. The goal of the review is to strengthen the good practices through positive feedback, identification of areas for change, including assessment of development needs and support in the diagnosis of situation and decisions regarding local managerial challenges. In 2017, the managerial staff of Polsat TV was also covered by the program. They participated in the project which was concluded with the training workshop.

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Percentage of employees receiving regular assessments, performance and career development review, by gender and employee category.

Cyfrowy Polsat Polkomtel
Women Men Women Men
11% 7% 46%  25%
Cyfrowy Polsat Polkomtel
Women Men Women Men
11% 12% 51%  25%

In Polsat TV there is no comprehensive, systemic solution of assessment of employees, but their performance related to tasks performed by them is subject to ongoing assessment by their superiors.

Polkomtel’s employees have a permanent access to e-learning platform including a comprehensive base of trainings for soft skills – office applications, offers, sales systems etc. In 2017 2 985 hours were training were carried out this way. High opinion of the employees about this solution encouraged us to start the process of implementing this platform for all the companies in Cyfrowy Polsat Group at the end of 2016. Pursuant to the adopted schedule, the platform’s implementation should be finalized by the end of 2018.

We are open to young people

For years, we have invited young people to internships and apprenticeships to the companies of Cyfrowy Polsat Group. This is the best way to get a job in our enterprise later.

"I was a bit worried that internship would turn out to be the time of coffee making and not disturbing others at work. To be honest, I applied because I wanted to earn some money. Already at the place of work at Polkomtel, it turned out that people not only have time to take care of me but I also received really interesting tasks to perform. I have felt as a part of the team from the first week, and not some bothersome nuisance. "

Łukasz, intern of 2015

Internship Program is an offer both for students and young graduates. Six month, paid internship, is an ideal way to acquire practical knowledge and skills. Each intern is entrusted with one project or specific technical task for the execution of which he/she is fully responsible. A host is also assigned to the intern who monitors his/her progress in work on an on-going basis as well as helps in execution of individual tasks. In 2017 we offered internships in the area of finances, IT and HR.

We also prepared a Summer Apprenticeship Program for students who take their first steps on the labor market. Apprenticeship is a unique opportunity to actively spend the summer – students have a possibility to work among the best professional in the technological sector. Apprenticeship is paid and takes place during the two summer months. Each apprentice cooperates with a team within one business area. A host is assigned to apprentices during the entire period of apprenticeship, providing help and professional support.

In 2017, the Apprenticeship Program was organized for the 22nd time. In Cyfrowy Polsat there were 9 editions of the Program.

Polsat News also offers a possibility of unpaid apprenticeship for graduates under the care of experienced journalists. Apprenticeship gives a possibility of acquainting oneself with the specific nature and organization of work in the news television on various positions. Apprentices may gain knowledge and skills and performs journalistic and production tasks assigned to them. After completion of the program, the apprentices receive a certificate about taking part in the apprenticeship, specifying the scope of apprenticeship, gained skills and opinion about his/her performance. Apprentices with highest scores may apply for work in Polsat TV.

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