Niefinansowy Raport Polsatu za rok 2017

Exceptional customers

An average customer of services provided by Cyfrowy Polsat Group does not exist. For us each customer is unique – we make all efforts each day to prove this. We are proud to provide services practically to the entire demographic profile of the Polish society. Among the six million of our contract customers there are representatives of every social group, most probably of every profession and of vast majority of cities, towns and villages in Poland. Polsat TV, Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat have become a permanent feature in the life of nearly half of Polish households – we treat this trust as a commitment to provision of highest quality services.

Each brand in Cyfrowy Polsat Group has its own unique identity, communication characteristics and visualization. Each of them talks to customers differently and evokes different associations. Cyfrowy Polsat is a warm, traditional and family brand providing entertainment at home and outside of it. Plus, usually associated with modernity, lack of limitations and great possibilities, is represented by a popular and witty Szymon Majewski. We build our smartDOM Program on the communication platform while relying on a married couple of popular actors, Joanna Brodzik and Paweł Wilczek, who are associated with a joyful and happy home. Plush platform, a brand addressed to the youth, is based on a brand hero – a characteristic, expressive and uncompromising teddy bear called Plush. IPLA is communicated through the abundance of content and freedom and ease of access to it – at any place on any device.

Our services are available throughout Poland – statistically, each Pole owns either Cyfrowy Polsat subscription, or phone or Internet service from Plus, or knows someone who uses our services. According to the surveys conducted by GfK Polonia, the prompted awareness of Cyfrowy Polsat brand at the level of 95% is the highest among pay TV operators in Poland. The prompted awareness of Plus brand, as the operator of voice calls, amounts to 98%; 86% of respondents associates our brand also with Mobile Internet services5. However, irrespective of the fact whether we deal with telecommunications services, access to satellite channels or viewers of Polsat TV, we would like to gain the best knowledge of our customer.

Therefore, we regularly conduct comprehensive surveys trying to identify them and their opinions about our company. We believe that this is the only way to improve the quality of our cooperation.

Experience offered to customers through selected services provided by Cyfrowy Polsat Group

  • 5 ”Image survey of CP and Plus brands vs. competitors” in the period November – December 2017 conducted by GfK Polonia Sp. z o.o.

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