Niefinansowy Raport Polsatu za rok 2017

Always acting responsibly

We believe that the dialog should be the basis for any activities. We would like not only to receive feedback about ourselves, but also actively explain decisions we make and present our position. That is why we engage stakeholders in our activities, by exchanging views on many levels.
[GRI 102-40, GRI 102-42, GRI 102-43]

How do we engage our stakeholders?

  • customers
  • employees (employees and their families)
  • regulators and state institutions
  • suppliers
  • social organizations
  • shareholders and investors, analysts, financing institutions
  • competitors
  • business partners
Stakeholder group Some entities belonging to the stakeholder group Approach and type of engagement of stakeholders group (e.g. questionnaires, satisfaction surveys, dialog sessions, etc.) Frequency of engagement by type Key topics and concerns raised by stakeholders
Shareholders and investors, analysts, financing institutions
  • capital market players
  • brokerage house analysts
  • shareholders
  • bondholders
  • institutional and individual investors
  • rating agencies
  • financial reports
  • current announcements
  • corporate website
  • individual meetings
  • conferences and video conferences
  • General Shareholders’ Meetings
  • Examining of shareholding structure
    – perception study
According to requirements resulting from the Company’s presence on the Warsaw Stock Exchange:

  • financial reporting once a quarter
  • on-going communication
  • General Shareholders’ Meeting at least once a year
  • dialog and meetings, if necessary
  • economic situation of the Group and financial policy
  • strategy and development
  • competitive environment
  • risks and opportunities of operations
  • company’s value
  • transparency of activities
  • natural persons and companies
  • subscribers of pay TV and telecommunications services
  • viewers
  • IPLA users
  • website (questionnaires)
  • customer service points and call center (dialog, questionnaires)
  • opinion and satisfaction surveys, including User Experience and NPS
On-going – continuous activities, opinion survey – on as-needed basis, NPS satisfaction survey – at least once a year. Examined areas:

  • general customer satisfaction with the operator, propensity to recommend brand, relations stability, propensity to select the operator again and satisfaction. Areas:
    – offer
    – customer service points
    – telemarketing
    – call center
    – website
    – Internet service centers
    – financial benefits
    – invoice
  • employees and their families
  • employee satisfaction survey and periodic assessment
  • trainings and development
  • Intranet
  • teambuilding events
  • benefit programs
  • volunteer programs
Ongoing and regular communication
  • stability and attractiveness of employment
  • family friendly HR policy
  • friendly place of work
  • development opportunities
Regulators and state institutions
  • KRRiT (National Broadcasting Council), UKE (Office of Electronic Communication), UOKiK (Competition and Consumer Protection Office)
  • GIODO (General Inspector of Personal Data Protection)
  • GIOŚ (Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection), Marshal’s Offices
  • GUS (Main Statistical Office), KNF (Financial Supervision Authority), KRS (National Court Register)
  • Ministries
  • Parliament and Senate
  • European Commission and European Council
  • National Media Council
  • Digitization Council
  • public consultations
  • meeting of reporting obligations
  • direct meetings
  • joint initiatives and activities
  • participation in industry conferences
  • ongoing communication resulting from the reporting obligations
  • on as-needed basis
  • impact on the national economy
  • market development
  • service availability
  • activities in compliance with standards and law
  • content providers, including TV stations and producers
  • suppliers of end-user equipment
  • suppliers of components for production of our own end-user equipment
  • suppliers of network and other infrastructure elements
  • service providers
  • direct relations
  • contracts
  • cooperation within the industry organizations
  • integration events
  • industry conferences and workshops
As needed – ongoing and regular
  • terms of cooperation
  • transparent rules of tenders and cooperation
  • good, long-term relations
  • cooperation under industry initiatives
Social organizations
  • foundations
  • social and environmental organizations
  • culture institutions
  • partnerships and joint initiatives
  • employee volunteering
  • sponsoring
  • direct dialog (environmental organizations)
  • scientific reports
  • debates
According to the needs of stakeholders and Group’s capabilities
  • openness to dialog
  • financial support and human involvement
  • understanding values on which the company is based
  • cooperation within industry organizations
  • industry conferences, debates and workshops
  • joint initiatives (e.g. market reports)
Ongoing communication depending on the market situation
  • market development
  • appropriate market regulation
  • standards
Business partners
  • distributors
  • advertisers and advertising brokers
  • scientific institutions
  • industry organization and chambers of commerce
  • sport associations
  • direct communication channels (e.g. website for distributors)
  • ongoing and regular meetings
  • contracts
  • Code of Good Practices and self-regulations
  • conferences and workshops
  • reports and reporting
  • holding of positions in the authorities of industry organizations and chambers
  • active involvement in joint projects and activities (e.g. within respective chambers of commerce, consultations and positions)
  • communication depending on the needs of stakeholders
  • pro-active activities depending on the market situation
  • Group’s involvement in shaping of the market
  • solving problems of the market and promoting innovations
  • transparency of activities
  • observing standards and rules
  • openness to dialog
[GRI 102-44]

In November 2016 we organized a joint dialog session with key external and internal stakeholders of Cyfrowy Polsat Capital Group. We were pleased to hear that they perceive our enterprise as the leader creating high standards on the market. The participants also appreciated high quality of delivered products and services, involvement in cooperation with organizations acting for the benefit of the society and the Polish capital of the Group.

Expectations regarding our CSR activities included among others:

  • a strategic approach to business responsibility,
  • activities related to building of responsible message,
  • transparent and detailed communication regarding the social involvement of the company,
  • monitoring of environmental impact.
[GRI 102-12, GRI 102-13]

Apart from direct contacts with stakeholders, we shape our market environment also through membership in industry associations. We are members of, among others:

  • Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Polish Chamber of Digital Broadcasting
  • IAB Poland
  • Association of TV Programs Distributors SYGNAŁ
  • Polish Internet Research (Polskie Badania Internetu)
  • Advertising Council
  • Creative Poland Association
  • Polish Association of Listed Companies

Awards as a sign of appreciation

We are pleased that also independent experts notice our efforts. We treat them as the confirmation of the quality of our daily work, also in the area of corporate social responsibility. In the years 2016-2017 we received numerous awards, including:

Transparency and investor relations
CEE Capital Markets Awards 2016-2017
  • two awards in the third edition of the contest in the following categories: ”Best listed company of the year– Poland” and ”Best IR Department of listed companies – Poland”,
  • the award in the second edition of the contest in the category of “Best IR Department of listed companies” in Poland for its contribution to the development of capital markets in Central and Eastern Europe.
Transparent Company of the year 2016

Cyfrowy Polsat is among the 20 companies who have been named “2016 Transparent Company of the Year” in the ranking prepared by the Institute of Accounting and Taxes and PARKIET stock exchange and investors daily (“Gazeta Giełdy i Inwestorów PARKIET”). The winners have been selected from among all the companies listed on the WSE (the Warsaw Stock Exchange) as part of the three major stock indices (WIG20, mWIG40, sWIG80).

Best Listed Company of the year 2016

Cyfrowy Polsat was ranked second in the ranking of “Puls Biznesu” daily in the category “Investor Relations”. It is already the sixth award in the history of this ranking.

Awards for investor relations

Cyfrowy Polsat was ranked second in the third edition of the survey of investor relations for WIG30 companies, prepared in 2017 by PARKIET stock exchange and investors daily (“Gazeta Giełdy i Inwestorów PARKIET”) and the Polish Chamber of Brokerage Houses.

Capital and prestige
Honorary Pearl of the Polish Economy 2017

A Honorary Pearl of the Polish Economy for Cyfrowy Polsat in the 15th edition of the prestigious ranking organized by the “Polish Market”, an English-language business magazine in cooperation with the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Science. An Honorary Pearl is granted to outstanding individuals and institutions whose professional achievements, experience, prestige, ethics and personal values guarantee that they may be declared ambassadors of Polish values.

Forbes’s ranking 2016

Cyfrowy Polsat ranks no. 1 in the ranking of 100 Biggest Polish Private Companies, published by Forbes monthly. The ranking of the magazine’s Polish edition presents the actual values of enterprises built by Polish businessmen based solely on Polish capital.

Rzeczpospolita daily’s Eagle award

Rzeczpospolita daily’s Eagle award for Cyfrowy Polsat in the category Best Service and Infrastructural Company. It is a prestigious award presented by the Rzeczpospolita daily to the outstanding companies from the Polish Top 500 list, which groups together the biggest Polish enterprises.

Quality of services and set-top boxes
Polsat Media named the Best TV Advertising Bureau of 2017

In the annual survey conducted by “Media and Marketing Polska” magazine, Polsat Media received the highest score among all TV Advertising Bureaus operating in Poland. On the scale in which 5 is the best, the total score of Polsat Media was 4.41 – it is our best result since 2004. In the survey conducted by Kantar MillwardBrown, the respondents emphasized that Polsat Media quickly and fully responded to briefs, and most of all maintained trust and confidence. It is perceived as a solid partner whose offer is perfectly tailored to customers’ expectations and needs.

SAT Kurier Awards 2016

During SAT Kurier Awards 2016 gala, which accompanied the SAT KRAK 2016 Trade Fair, the EVOBOX PVR set-top box won in the category of Best Dedicated Set-top Box, while IPLA online TV came first in the category of Best Service.

IBC 2016 Awards

At the IBC 2016 trade fair the software developed for the EVOBOX PVR set-top box received a prestigious award in the category of Best Interactive Application or Technology. The software was recognized as the most innovative product during the IBC Best of Show Awards gala.

Gold Medal – Consumers’ Choice

Gold Medal – Consumers’ Choice for EVOBOX PVR set-top box, the latest and the most advanced satellite TV device from Cyfrowy Polsat. The prize was awarded in the competition for the best product at MEDIA EXPO 2016 Poznań International Trade Fair.

Manager Award 2016

Manager Award 2016 for Marian Kmita, the director responsible for sports at Polsat TV. The award was presented by the “Manager” magazine for setting the best example for other entrepreneurs on how to effectively manage and create one’s own working environment based on the highest standards.

Neptune 2016

The prestigious Neptune 2016 award went to Agnieszka Odorowicz, Cyfrowy Polsat Management Board Member, for her contribution to Polish film and culture. The Neptune Award is designed to honor Polish and foreign artists whose artistic output leaves a lasting impression in the history and culture of Gdańsk and whose activities promote the values which are of special importance to Gdańsk.

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