Niefinansowy Raport Polsatu za rok 2017

[GRI 102-7, GRI 201-1][Accounting Act - Key Performance Indicators]

Key figures 2017

No 1 – the biggest media and telecommunications group listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, with the market capitalization of PLN 15.9bn

  • Customers and services

    5.8 million

    contract customers

  •   16.5 million

    RGUs provided

  •   4.5 million

    multi-play services

  •   3.6 million

    average monthly number of users of IPLA online television

  •   PLN 89.0

    Average revenue per one contract customer

  •   99 %

    Poles within the LTE Plus Internet coverage

  •   24.5 %

    Polsat TV audience share in the commercial group

  •   27.2 %

    Advertising market share

  • Financial results

    PLN 9,829 million

    revenues of Cyfrowy Polsat Group

  •   PLN 9,002 million

    economic value distributed

  •   PLN 866 million

    economic value retained

  •   PLN 594 million

    payments to investors

  •   PLN 718 million

    payments to the state

  •   PLN 27 million

    community investments

  • Environment

    617 tons

    Waste sent by Cyfrowy Polsat for recycling

  • Employees

    nearly 5 thousand


  • 1 The retained value presented above represents the amount remaining after the distribution of generated economic value between the stakeholders of the company. This amount is not matching net profit presented in the Income Statements as it also includes, among others, dividends paid (as the distributed economic value).

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