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Our business

Interview with the President of the Management Board

What distinguishes Polsat Group from others?

High quality and universal availability of services, enjoyed on a daily basis by Polish families and companies, is of key importance to us. We prove that an equally attractive offer may be used by all Poles, irrespective of their place of residence, social status, profession or interests.

How would you define the Corporate Social Responsibility of Polsat Group?

Our socially responsible activities focus on three main areas – taking care of the needs of our customers and viewers, ensuring opportunities for professional development of our employees and a social mission which we carry out in the area of safety, aid for children and promotion of sports.


[Accounting Act - business model] Sector context and business model

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Who we are?

Cyfrowy Polsat is the leading pay TV provider and one of the leading telecommunications operators on the domestic market. We are also one of Poland’s leading private broadcasters in terms of both, audience and advertising market shares. As a part of our smartDOM Program, we offer multi-play multimedia services for entire families. We also offer a wide array of wholesale services on the telecommunications, pay TV and advertising markets.


[GRI 102-2] What we offer to our customers

Key areas of activities


We operate strategically

The superior goal of our strategy is the permanent growth of the value of Cyfrowy Polsat for its Shareholders. We achieve this through:

  • Growth of revenue from services provided to residential and business customers through consistent building of the customer base value by maximizing the number of users of our services as well as the number of services offered to each customer, while simultaneously increasing average revenue per user (ARPU) and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction,
  • Growth of revenue from produced and purchased content by expanding its distribution, maintaining the audience shares of our channels and improving our viewer profile,
  • Effective management of the cost base of our integrated media and telecoms group by exploiting its inherent synergies and economies of scale, and
  • Effective management of the Group’s finances, including its capital resources

[GRI 102-15, GRI 102-11][Accounting Act - Opportunities and threats] Opportunities and threats

We take advantage of our business opportunities

  • Low penetration of multi-play services, in particular in non-urbanized areas
  • Low penetration with fixed-line broadband Internet access services in Poland, makes mobile data transmission the fastest growing telecommunication market segment at present
  • Development of the market of new technologies and devices, combined with a growth of access to audio and video content and consumption of such content
  • Growing popularity of smartphones
  • Development of advertising market in Poland
  • Growing importance of thematic channels

Always acting responsibly

We are pleased that also independent experts notice our efforts. We treat them as the confirmation of the quality of our daily work, also in the area of corporate social responsibility. In the years 2016-2017 we received numerous awards, including:

  • Cyfrowy Polsat is among the 20 companies who were presented Transparentna Spółka Roku (The Transparent Company of the Year) award by IRiP (Institute of Accountancy and Taxes) and Gazeta Giełdy i Inwestorów PARKIET stock exchange and investors daily.
  • Cyfrowy Polsat ranked second in the 3rd edition of the investor relations survey covering WIG30 companies which was carried out by PARKIET business daily for stock exchange investors and IDM brokerage house.
  • Cyfrowy Polsat ranked second in the Investor Relations category of the Listed Company of the Year ranking which was organized by Puls Biznesu business daily.