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We operate strategically

The superior goal of our strategy is the permanent growth of the value of Cyfrowy Polsat for its Shareholders. We intend to achieve this goal by implementing the major elements of our operational strategy which include:

Growth of revenue from services provided to residential and business customers through consistent building of the customer base value by maximizing the number of users of our services as well as the number of services offered to each customer, while simultaneously increasing average revenue per user (ARPU) and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction

Bearing in mind the occurring market changes, we will continue to create products that will satisfy the changing preferences of our customers.

The factor that will have a positive impact on revenue is the possibility of cross-selling of our existing and future products and services to the combined customer base of Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel. Within our Group we create a unique portfolio of products and services which is simultaneously targeted at customers of both Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel. When properly addressed, both through sale of additional individual products or a multi-play offer, this potential may significantly increase the number of services per individual user, thus increasing the average revenue per customer (ARPU).

The integrated services market is poorly developed in Poland, especially outside big cities and thus it has substantial growth potential. We intend to continue expanding our portfolio of products and services, relying both on own projects, as well as on strategic alliances or acquisitions. We trust that a comprehensive and unique offer of combined services and the possibility of up-selling additional services, e.g. financial and banking products, or sales of electricity, when provided via diversified distribution platforms, will be decisive from the point of view of our competitive edge. It will also enable us to retain our existing customer base and offer an opportunity to acquire new customers, both on the pay TV and telecommunication markets as well as in the area of other services for the home and for residential customers.

We will build our position on the bundled services market by acquiring as many customers as possible for our broadband Internet access services. These services are the product which is most readily up-sold to our existing customer base as part of our combined services offer. Moreover, based on independent experts’ estimates, broadband mobile Internet is the fastest growing Internet access technology in Poland. We trust that mobile technology (LTE in particular) will enable us to offer high quality services in areas inhabited by a majority of our customers, which, combined with the benefits offered by integrated services, should contribute to further improvement of customer satisfaction and growth of ARPU. We seek to attract as many viewers as possible by offering the best-value-for-money TV packages on the Polish market. We also intend to leverage the changes taking place on the Polish pay TV market and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the evolving needs and expectations of Polish consumers (such as increased interest in over-the-top services and growing use of media content on mobile devices), by offering our customers an extensive range of additional services – Cyfrowy Polsat GO, VOD/PPV, catch-up TV, Internet-based video and music services, Multiroom and Mobile TV. By developing our pay TV offer and expanding it to include complementary products and services, we seek to generate higher ARPU and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

An effective combination of telecommunication and media services provides new opportunities for distribution of TV content. Thanks to this combination, the attractive content and the wide range of our services will be delivered through a variety of reliable distribution channels – via satellite (DTH), within digital terrestrial television (DVB-T), through mobile technologies: LTE and LTE-Advanced – to all consumer devices, from TV sets to PCs to tablets and smartphones.

Growth of revenue from produced and purchased content by expanding its distribution, maintaining the audience shares of our channels and improving our viewer profile

The channels we produce and broadcast enjoy strong, well-established positions on the Polish TV market as well as high ratings in their target groups. We currently broadcast 29 channels (including 19 HD channels), programmed to appeal to most target groups within the Polish audience. Our goal is to maintain our audience share at a stable level and consistently improve our viewer profile. We believe that by making sensible investments in programming, and wider distribution of our own content, we will be able to gradually improve our viewer profile. This in turn will have a positive effect on the advertising airtime pricing.

Another crucial step in building the segment’s value will be to maximize our distribution of produced and purchased TV content, both in terms of the customer groups it reaches (FTA and pay TV) and the technologies they use (terrestrial, satellite, Internet). These efforts, in our opinion, will not only allow us to reap the benefits of wide-scale distribution of our content, but will also ensure a higher level of satisfaction among our customers and viewers, who will have more freedom to decide what, where and when to watch.

Effective management of the cost base of our integrated media and telecoms group by exploiting its inherent synergies

We are convinced that building a closely integrated media and telecoms group offers an opportunity for tangible synergies and for securing significant competitive advantages. We are implementing numerous projects aimed at simplifying the Group’s structure by integrating relevant teams and harmonizing business processes and IT systems in the entire Group, which enables us to achieve potential, tangible cost synergies. On a continuous basis we pursue optimization efforts aimed at adapting our cost base to current market conditions and our Group’s situation.

Effective management of the Group’s finances, including its capital resources

The capital resources management policy adopted by us defines the method of using the funds generated from our operations. To guarantee the continuity and stability of the Group’s operations, the generated free cash is used in the first place for financing current operations and for investments indispensable for the development of the Group. Effective debt management and its successive reduction is another of our priorities. The Management Board has set the desirable level of consolidated debt, measured by the net debt/EBITDA ratio, which should be reduced below the level of 1.75x.

Predictable dividend payouts to Shareholders constitute one of the main goals underlying our capital resources management policy. The dividend policy adopted by us assumes an increase of dividend payouts dependent on the reduction of the Group’s total indebtedness. We consistently aim to reduce our debt, which will assure attractive profitability levels for the capital employed by our Shareholders.

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