Niefinansowy Raport Polsatu za rok 2017

Przewiń do treści

Digital responsibility

Technological opportunity

Digital services of our companies are available throughout the country and practically every Pole may use them. This enables us to undertake activities which change many aspects of life. We know how to wisely take advantage of this opportunity.

How do we understand our responsibility?

Cooperation with rescue services POLSAT Foundation Thousands of hours of sport broadcasts Employee volunteering Supporting amateur and professional sport events Promotion of physical activities OUR RESPONSIBILITY Safety Aid for children Sport promotion

Concern for safety

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    We are particularly proud of the close cooperation with rescue services operating in Polish mountains and by the water. For several years, we have supported rescuers in their activities, financed trainings and provided funds for purchase of equipment.

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    However, above all, thanks to our technology we had created a rescue system which have saved health and life of many people in recent years.

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    Two free-of-charge emergency lines launched by Plus – 601 100 100 (lifeguard rescue services) and 601 100 300 (mountain rescue services).


Care for children’s health

[GRI 203-1, GRI 203-2][Accounting Act - Key Performance Indicators]POLSAT Foundation – key figures
During 21 years:

  • > 0 thousand

    children received aid

  • > 0

    hospitals and medical centrers received support

  • > PLN 0 million

    allocated for financing statutory goals

  • PLN 0 million

    collected from the St. Nicholas Commercial Block

  • > PLN 0 million

    of revenue from 1% tax


[GRI 203-1, GRI 203-2]Healthcare and sports thrills

For years Polsat has been supporting Polish sport and investing money in its development.

  • No other station in the history of Polish TV has devoted so much air-time to coverage of sports events and of the success of Polish athletes
  • We have spent over a billion zloty since the year 2000 for purchase of licenses, TV production, broadcasting and promotion of various sports events
  • Polsat channels are the leaders in the ranking of favorite sports programs. We strive for ensuring the widest possible coverage of the most important sport events among our viewers
  • We promote the success of athletes by broadcasting and re-broadcasting sports events
  • Volleyball is unquestionably the queen of sports for us. Since a very long time our TV channels have been showing all major volleyball tournaments – from league matches and European cup tournaments to the matches played by our national teams
  • Plus has been the strategic sponsor of both volleyball national teams for 20 years now
  • Our sport plans are now focusing also on soccer. Starting from 2018 the viewers of Polsat channels will experience awesome soccer thrills – during the coming three years our channels will show over 1000 Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches

Help measured by smile

For us at Cyfrowy Polsat Group volunteering is associated with joy, support for others, smiles and happiness. Our employees have for years demonstrated a lot of involvement and commitment to volunteering while the Cyfrowy Polsat Group proudly supported them in their efforts.

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