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Sector context and business model of the CP Capital Group | Television, telephony, Internet – fast, everywhere and state-of-the-art

Who we are?

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Cyfrowy Polsat is the leading pay TV provider and one of the leading telecommunications operators on the domestic market. We are also one of Poland’s leading private broadcasters in terms of both, audience and advertising market shares. We offer multi-play multimedia services, among others as a part of our smartDOM Program for entire families. We also offer a wide array of wholesale services on the telecommunications, pay TV and advertising markets. We operate in two business segments: the segment of services provided to residential and business customers (digital TV, broadband Internet access, mobile telephony and on-line entertainment services) and the TV broadcasting and production segment (POLSAT main channel and thematic channels).

Our mission is to create and deliver the most attractive TV content, telecommunications products and other services for the home, as well as residential and business customers, using state-of-the-art technologies to provide top quality multi-play services that match the changing needs of the market, while maintaining the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Good organization

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Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. Capital Group operates in Poland and has its registered office in Warsaw. Since May 2008, our shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In terms of capitalization, which amounted to PLN 15.9bn at the end of 2017, Cyfrowy Polsat is the biggest media and telecommunications company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and one of the biggest companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

The status of public company obliges us to meet the highest management standards. Therefore, our goal is to manage the company in a transparent, predictable and value-oriented way. This helps to build the trust among our domestic and foreign investors, financial markets, our customers and business partners, as well as employees of the Group.

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The Company’s Management Board consists of seven Members

Name and surname Function Year of first appointment Year of appointment for the current term Year of expiry of term
Tobias Solorz President of the Management Board  2014  2016  2019
Dariusz Działkowski Member of the Management Board  2007  2016  2019
Tomasz Gillner-Gorywoda Member of the Management Board  2014  2016  2019
Aneta Jaskólska Member of the Management Board  2010  2016  2019
Agnieszka Odorowicz Member of the Management Board  2016  2016  2019
Katarzyna Ostap-Tomann Member of the Management Board  2016  2016  2019
Maciej Stec Member of the Management Board  2014  2016  2019


Biographical notes of the Management Board Members are available on Cyfrowy Polsat Group corporate website.

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