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High quality products and services

"Most memorable phone call? 10 minutes before the final match of the Football World Cup a customer called claiming that his set-top box is not working. There is a party in his house, and he panics that they will not be able to watch anything. It turned out that there was nothing wrong with the set-top box – his TV set was simple set to the wrong HDMI output. When the equipment started working, he promised to marry me."

Ania, customer service representative of Cyfrowy Polsat’s call center

Servicing of nearly six million customers is an enormous challenge. Constant technological progress opens new communication channels and forces continuous changes in the organization of work of our customer service representatives. When servicing customers and making efforts to ensure their satisfaction, there is no end to improvements – we know that good can be better and better can be best.

Our customers do not call or write letters to us just to socialize – every customer’s decision about contacting Cyfrowy Polsat Group stems from a specific case which they want resolved as soon as possible. Malfunctioning set-top box, lack of Internet access in customer’s smartphone, a request to explain items on the invoice, poor signal from the satellite antenna – there are hundreds of reasons. We would like to treat all of them with utmost care. Our priority is to resolve every issue during the first contact, so that the customers had exhaustive answers to their questions immediately after finishing the conversation with a customer service representative.

A committed and trained team of over two thousand customer service representatives, experienced managerial staff and great flexibility of operations are our main advantages. Latest technical achievements support customer service. We have created an advanced customer relationship management system which integrates all communication channels – both electronic as well as by phone or mail. Thanks to the implemented solutions we may carry out and document servicing of each customer more effectively.

The core of the Group’s customer service is the customer service call center. This system comprises four separate call centers integrated through an intelligent call routing system. It guarantees reliability and an uninterrupted twenty-four hour, seven-day a week phone service. The intelligent distribution system handles calls depending on the subject matter and forwards the call to appropriate agents, which reduces customer service time. Nearly 2100 people work in our call centers – 1400 of them take phone calls from customers, the rest manages letters and e-mails. Customer service representatives are competent to handle all issues related to the services we deliver – they provide information about our services, act as agents in concluding subscriber agreements, accept possible complaints and provide information about payments. Contact numbers of our call center lines are universally available – we provide them when advertising services in the media. Received requests and complaints are classified in detail by type and source of issue. A regularly conducted analysis of reasons helps us to identify and resolve issues, as well as take preventive actions.

Every year our customers are able to resolve more and more issues without the need for contacting our employees. Aside from interactive voice response systems, online customer service systems ensure safe and free-of-charge access – both Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel offer their own online platforms. Customers can purchase or modify their service packages by themselves, check the payment balance together with its history, control available units within the active service packages and make payments. Additionally, while using online systems they can modify their contact and address data, print a postal payment slip or direct debit form for a bank, check the technical specification of the owned equipment, print relevant operating manuals, renew connection with the satellite, restore factory settings of PIN in the set-top box, and contact us through the online contact form.

Since 2015 Polkomtel provides a mobile application dedicated to customer account management and accessing up-to-date information related to the account. The use of this service is free of charge and data traffic generated through this application is not subject to fees for data transmission.

Since 2000, Polkomtel has had a consistently improved quality management system in place and since 2012 also an environmental management system. To confirm the above, Polkomtel obtained international certification ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

We are very satisfied that the undertaken activities – both in terms of the quality of services and the quality of customer service – are appreciated by customers. This is proven by high scores received both by Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel under surveys conducted by GfK Polonia. In the survey conducted in 2017 the customer satisfaction indicator for both companies oscillated around the high score of 4 out of 5 possible points. We are also pleased with a very high awareness of our brands. The so-called “prompted brand awareness” of Cyfrowy Polsat equals 95%, and Plus – 98%. The surveys shows that customers appreciate above all the quality of offer, modern technology, experience and our reliability and credibility.

We were also very pleased that Plus was ranked first in the anniversary 10th edition of the Top Marka (Top Brand) survey in the category of Telecommunications. Every year, “Press” magazine and “PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów” news agency analyze and name the brands which have most frequently and most favorably mentioned in the press, the most popular brands in the Internet and in social media. Between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017, Plus brand was mentioned 7 091 times in the press. There were 34 597 publications in the Internet in which the brand was mentioned. Plus was clearly ahead of its competitors, receiving the highest scores in total and winning in the category of the number of publications and coverage, i.e. the degree in which it reached of potential readers.

Synthetic Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)8

Cyfrowy Polsat (DTH market)
Cyfrowy Polsat (DATA market)
Plus (DATA market)
Plus (VOICE market)
Source: Satisfaction survey, conducted in the period from September to November 2017 by GfK Polonia sp. z o.o., CP (DTH market) n=500, CP (DATA market) n=300, Plus (DATA market) n=500, Plus (VOICE market) n=1200

Constantly changing offers on the dynamically developing telecommunications market may encourage some customers to draw a conclusion that “a new customer has better terms”. In Cyfrowy Polsat Group we understand this concern, therefore we appreciate the loyalty of our customers. Irrespective of the owned services or packages, we offer them benefits which are unavailable to new customers signing agreements. First of all, thanks to the knowledge about preferences and habits of our existing customers we may offer them customized proposals of the best “tailored” offers – both in the area of equipment selection and terms of cooperation, packages and length of agreement.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Plus network prepared for each of its initial customers a set of gifts having the total value of nearly PLN 14 thousand each. Customers who have stayed with Plus since 1 October 1996, as a sign of appreciation for the 20 years spent together, received a complete set of all services and equipment available under the smartDOM Program.

  • 8 CSI - Customer Satisfaction Index is a synthetic satisfaction index which is an average of customer satisfaction scores related to a few attributes / areas / aspects evaluated during the survey

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