Niefinansowy Raport Polsatu za rok 2017

[GRI 413-2]

Environmental impact of base transceiver stations

We are listening carefully to the opinions from the public discussion regarding alleged harmful influence of mobile base transceiver stations. Relevant permits, required by Polish law, are secured for each of our base stations before it is put on-air. The permits include the ones related to environmental impact. Polish regulations are still among the most stringent in Europe while our antennas are safe to both, human health and natural environment. As a result of amendments, introduced in 2016, of two orders related to work in electromagnetic fields, the recommended method of measuring the impact of electromagnetic fields has changed. The existing recommendation introduces the obligation to perform the electromagnetic fields measurements in a bigger number of points, which directly translates to improved safety of the people who are in the vicinity of a base station.

In 2015 the World Health Organization stated, in its “Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health: Mobile phones” declaration, that research related to the impact that mobile phones have on human health has been carried out for the past 20 years. No links have been determined on the basis of the research that would indicate any relation between use of mobile phones and harm to health. Meanwhile the risks associated with base stations are even smaller than the risk associated with the use of mobile phones.

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