Niefinansowy Raport Polsatu za rok 2017

Technological opportunity

"I believe that the company is doing a lot in the area of security and promotion of security."

Participant of the dialog session

The 21st century is the age of technological revolution. It is even difficult to point to the area which has a bigger impact on daily lives of millions of people. Technology accompanies us in the professional and private life, affecting the quality of life all day long. For technological companies, such a big impact means not only business opportunities but also a particular type of responsibility towards customers. Digital services of our companies are available throughout the country and practically every Pole may use them. Such a big coverage enables us to undertake nonstandard activities, which change many aspects of life of every Pole in a systematic way. We know how to wisely and carefully take advantage of this opportunity – we are proving this every day for many years already.

How do we understand our responsibility?
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For many years we have supported the Copernicus Science Center, one of the most modern European institutions combining promotion of science and culture. Thanks to Polkomtel, since autumn 2017 the guests of the Center may use free Wi-Fi in the Center’s building as well as in the adjacent Park Odkrywców (Discovery Park). We are now an exclusive partner of the Family Workshops organized in the Copernicus Science Center – together with the Center we have developed the workshop concerning communications, to acquaint the youngest visitors with modern and old ways of communications. Before that, we invited the visitors, among others, to have fun in connection with the Music Exhibition. Under the cooperation, Plus network prepared an application for mobile phones which enabled the visitors to get more details about most interesting exhibits as well as receive information about science exhibitions in the Center. We also plan to prepare, together with the Center, a scientific exhibit showing the development of mobile telephony.

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