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Concern for safety

"Ratunek (Rescue) application is the first application of this type in Poland. (…) It not only connects the users with rescuers, but also shows the location of a calling party. (…) Great thing, also on the European scale."

A participant of a dialog session

In Cyfrowy Polsat Group we are convinced that state-of-the-art technology may not only improve the daily life, but can even save this life. We are particularly proud of the close cooperation with rescue services operating in Polish mountains and by the water. For a number of years, we have supported rescuers in their activities, financed trainings and provided funds for purchase of equipment.

However, above all, thanks to our technology we had created a rescue system which has saved health and life of many people in recent years.

Launching of the Integrated Water Rescue System and Rescue Coordination Centers in the mountains are unprecedented events in the history of Polish business. Thanks to joint activities with rescuers, all Poles may use an instant, precise and simple emergency call system in the health and life-threatening situations by the water and in the mountains. A solution introduced by Polkomtel enables effective communication between rescuers and the injured parties. Our rescue system has made it possible to shorten the time of reaching a person in danger even by 20 minutes – the experience shows that this time is often a thin line between effective help and human tragedy.

"The Company could mention the phone numbers for emergencies in the mountains and by the water in its report."

A dialog session participant


Two free-of-charge emergency lines launched by Plus – 601 100 100 (lifeguard rescue services) and 601 100 300 (mountain rescue services) – are easy to remember. We promote these numbers on posters and leaflets available at the places, where the knowledge of these numbers may save life. Information about the numbers is also available, among others, in mountain shelters, on the beaches, in marinas and tourist information points.


People calling emergency lines (601 100 100 and 601 100 300) are automatically forwarded to the nearest dispatcher center. A dispatcher needs to press just one button to send a rescue unit for help.

The system monitors entire regions, taking care of the safety of hundreds of thousands of people. It operates twenty four hours a day, all year long in the entire country. It is definitely the biggest and most advanced system in this part of Europe. Emergency lines cooperate with all mobile and fixed-line networks in Poland.

  • During 14 years of operation of the Integrated Rescue System, there were around 20 thousand interventions by the water.
  • Over 70% of all actions and interventions by the mountain rescuers and lifeguards are initiated by placing a call to the emergency lines of Plus.

"The fact that the rescue system and the emergency number are milestones for WOPR lifeguard units is evidenced by the situation from 2007 when following a “white squall” several dozen sailboats capsized while 80% of the calls reporting this incident came via this number. During 20 minutes we picked up nearly 100 people from the water along a distance of 171 kilometers and we registered the names of more than 80 of them in our records."

Zbigniew Kurowicki President of the Mazury Voluntary Rescue Services

The system we have developed is supplemented by Ratunek (Rescue) application available for free for smartphones. Using this application, the use may quickly and efficiently notify rescuers about an accident. The application allows for connection to the nearest rescue center, and during the call sends an SMS to the rescuer with the location of the affected person with accuracy to 3m. Since the launch of Ratunek application, approx. 40 thousand calls were made and hundreds of people received help. In 2017, the application was downloaded by more than 50 thousand people.

In 2017 in the mountains, there were over 200 events were reported, out of which 40 reports concerned life-threatening events.

Examples of successful actions with the use of Ratunek application:

  • saving eight tourists who got lost in the area of Morskie Oko,
  • finding chilled people in Karkonosze Mountaints,
  • leading down a tourist who got lost in the fog on Czerwone Wierchy,
  • saving a speleologist in Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska,
  • saving a group of secondary school pupils from the quarry in Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska.

We are proud of the cooperation with rescue units and use every opportunity to help them improve their qualifications. Therefore, we regularly support industry events – in 2016 we were a partner of, among others, Sea Rescue Polish Championships, Rescue Boats Championships or summer competition for sea and mountain rescuers. Our television channels regularly broadcast these events.

At the same time, we carry out numerous education actions together with rescuers which are to improve the knowledge about safe behavior in the mountains and by the water. In 2017 we organized, among others, Safe Winter action during the winter holidays together with GOPR (Voluntary Mountain Rescue Service) and “Sunny Station” summer action during which we discussed the issue of safety and emergency lines. We regularly conduct information campaigns, both online in social networks and through posters and banners in sea and mountain resorts.

We are pleased with the appreciation for our activities in the area of safety expressed by independent experts. Plus emergency line and Ratunek (Rescue) application received awards in the Visionaries of 21st century contest organized by “Wprost” weekly.

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